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Top Rated Family & Cosmetic Dentist in Renton, WA

Visiting the dentist is never that much fun, but if you have to go, I recommend Cho! Dr. Cho is personable, professional, and competent. The staff is friendly and helpful. It can be so hard to find a dentist and a dental office staff that you can be confident in. This is one of those rare places. Dr. Cho and his staff inspire my confidence, and help to make the dental experience as pleasant as possible. They all seem to enjoy each other and their patients. They seem to enjoy the work they do. I feel that they are honest -- that they treat me as they would like to be treated -- that they don't try to charge for unnecessary work, and for that I can also highly recommend them. i have been going there for at least a year. Today I called there with about 20 minutes of insurance and fee related questions, and again was very impressed by the level of care the staff showed in answering and addressing my questions, without rushing me, and in also providing additional information that I didn't even think to ask for, but which was very helpful to me in making a good decision. Give them a try, I think you will be happy you did.
Suz J.

Awesome dentist, staff, and a christian environment!!! Dr Cho is awesome. All staff and Dr are christians (They even play christian music), family friendly, very caring and very gentle. He is honest and not pushy at all. The office is the most hi-tech I have ever been too. They dont use paper files and everything is on the computer. Even their x-rays are digital and are stored on the computer. They know their stuff in and out. The front desk lady Sami is insurance savy! She really helped me understand everything regarding insurance and treatment plan. I have referred alot of people here and they have all loved it. I just had to say something about the best dentist office I have ever been too!!!!
Aricka F.

Dr. Cho is incredibly skilled. His equipment is high speed and so is he. I like that I can get in and out without any downtime. The Dr. and staff are excellent to work with. The staff understands billing/insurance handling very well and that is a plus as well. Every visit is quick and painfree it seems like. I would recommend this office to everyone.
Matt S.

I would highly recommend, and do, Dr. Cho! My teeth felt clean for days longer than a typical dental cleaning. Dr. Cho is knowledgable & does not push any specific treatment, he has your best interest. He worked well with my orthodontist who had only good things to say about him. The cleaning was amazing & the staff is super friendly & accomadating, especially with insurance & treatment costs questions. I recommended him to my husband, who is particular about medical professionals he sees. He agreed in my rating of Dr. Cho! He has true christian values and I would be the 1st to run for the hills if I felt it was pushed on me.

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, they made making the transition to a new dentist a breeze. We especially love the bonus of supporting a business this is environmentally friendly and knows the latest advancements in dentistry avoiding out dated services and unnecessary treatments. Highly Recommend.
Clan C.

Today I found a dentist that is worth going to! I highly recommend not on Dr. Cho but all of the staff. From the moment I called to make my appt until I left after my appointment I was so happy! I have not gone to a dentist in years - but will definitely go back to Dr. Cho. He explained to me in depth the reason my teeth were they way they were, he then told me the plan he wanted me to follow and that he would see me in six months. My appointment was not as long as I thought it was going to be. The office has a family feel to it and I believe it is because they are a christian office. It is nice to go to a doctor/dentist that has those values as well as all of his staff!

Very Gentle. I finally found a dentist who doesn't saw up my gums with floss or go too deep with the dental probes. They are very gentle. I just came from them yesterday, and my teeth feel great! The staff is polite and friendly, and their quotes are accurate.

They werevery friendly, honest, professional and affordable. I was impressed that Dr. Cho did my cleaning himself as well as going over all my x-rays and answering all my questions. Awesome.
Amy M.

Dr. Cho did an amazing job on my dental work. Equally amazing was his staff and the customer service experience. Every member of the team was professional and courteous. They were extremely honest, helpful and sincere. They have gained my trust completely. I have had bad experiences with dentist in the past but this experience has made up for it every bit. I hope to be a patient of their office for as long as possible.

Dr. Cho and his staff were terrific! They were very welcoming, patient and most of all friendly. Their office has all the latest amenities (love the coffee maker) and latest technical devices (easy to understand charts). They were very honest and straightforward (not to mention having a softspot for my father in-law). I can't recommend them highly enough!

have been going to Dr. Cho for several years, I have found him and his staff very friendly, professional and they always put their patients first. I have never had any negative issues with this office or their work ethics.

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Visiting the dentist is never that much fun, but if you have to go, I recommend Cho! Dr. Cho is personable, professional, and competent. The staff is friendly and helpful. Give them a try, I think you will be happy you did.

Suz J. on Yelp

All of my family and extended family go to Highland Family Dental for the friendly, quality service. They take the time to get to know our family, who is married to who, and it really feels like they know our stories and care about us as people and community members, not just as patients.

Melody N. from Rate A Biz

Dr. Cho always takes time to answer questions or concerns. You can't find a better more patient dentist anywhere!

Lu Y. on Rate A Biz

Dr. Cho worked very professionally, as usual, but also made sure I stayed comfortable throughout the entire procedure. Overall, I love this office and all of the staff. They truly care about their patients!

Julie J. on Rate A Biz

After not having a filling procedure performed for 20+ years, I was extremely nervous about getting a past one replaced. Dr. Cho's entire staff, including Dr. Cho, made me feel very comfortable about the entire process. Great experience, as far as fillings can go. Thank you!

Caitlin M. on Rate A Biz

Dr. Cho has been my dentist for past five years. He and his staffs are very professional and courteous. I like the new equipments and very clean facilities.

Anonymous on Google